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Ethoxylates & PEG


The following is the basic technical data for KPX Green Chemical's basic product lines. Polyoxyethylene Nonylphenol Ethers Polyethylene Glycols Poly(oxyethylene, oxypropylene)Glycol products.KONIN, KONIN PEG and KONLUB products have been manufactured by supplemental polymerization of oxidized Propylenes and oxidized Ethylenes such as Alkyphenol, and Fatty Alcohol, Fatty Acid, Fatty Amine, EG, multivalenet Alcohol, etc.,and are produced under strict quality control.These products have higher hydrophile properties according to the quantity of supplemental oxidized Ethylene, and their capacity as detergents, permeating additives, emulsifiers, dispersing agents, trigger agents, etc. vary according to the type of base that is used. In general Etholxylate products have high resistance to oxidizing and reducing agents, and show relatively good compatibility with other nonylphenol Ethers. They are also effective surface-active agents for aqueous solutions that consist of acids, alcohol and salts. Although they have lower trigger capacities relative to other surfactants, even the use of small quanties provide excellent effects. As a result, they are used as detergents, permeating additives, wetting agents, emulsifiers, dispering agents, bubble antifoaming agents, etc. in a wide range of industries including the paper, agricultural chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, rubber, paint, resins, metal processing, etc.Along with the products introduced here, our company also has the capacity to produce various supplemental oxydized Ethylene products.



The following is the basic technical data for the first domestically manufactured Ethanolamines, which is produced by KPX Green Chemical.Ethanolamines, a form of the nitrogenous compound amine, is generally used as an Di, Tri Ethanolamines depending on their nature and our company produces and distributes MEA, DEA and TEA.In particular, the Monoethanolamine and Diethanolamine fatty amides or soaps are used as general detergents, and Triethanolamine fatty detergentsare used for fiber treatment.In addition, Ethanolamines are used for a wide range of applications such as various detergents, fiber treatments, lubricants, cement additives, etc.,as well ase for basic raw materials and additives for various surfactants, for its excellent absorption capacity, sulubility in water and alcohol, etc., andability to produce Ester amides and salts as a reaction to acids. Domestic demand for Ethanolamines continues to rise as a result of developmets innew relative surfactants, continued economic advancements, and creation of new application areas.

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